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29 Mar 2023
In this article, I want us to discuss one of the topics that sometimes may lead to many questions when you are studying the Bible and want to understand the Big picture of Creation, the intentions and plans of God, WE are going to talk about EDEN, the Garden of Eden. What do you need to understand about Eden? Is Eden a physical location that we should be looking for? Is Eden in heaven or on earth? These are a few questions that may be on your mind.

In this article, I want us to discuss one of the topics that sometimes may lead to many questions when you are studying the Bible and want to understand the Big picture of Creation, the intentions and plans of God, WE are going to talk about EDEN, the Garden of Eden. What do you need to understand about Eden? Is Eden a physical location that we should be looking for? Is Eden in heaven or on earth? These are a few questions that may be on your mind. Let me first remind you that God created the earth to be inhabited by humans created in His image and likeness. God created the earth to be an extension of heaven which is His Invisible Kingdom.

I know many people in our generation do not have a right concept of Kingdoms, and may not understand what I am saying but may be for the sake of clarity, looking at what and how Jesus taught his disciples to pray for, He said to pray so that God’s Kingdom come to the earth so What is being done in Heaven can be reproduced on the earth [Mathew 6.10 paraphrased]. This looks like what God wants to see happening is His Heavenly Kingdom to colonize the earth in such a way that what is happening there is what happens here. God did not create the earth to leave it void, by the way the earth does not belong to the devil either, he did not create anything so he owns nothing but may be that is another discussion for another day…. I just wanted us to start from the beginning and understand that the purpose of creation of the earth was really to extend heaven on the earth and make the glory of God (His fullness of nature) covering the whole earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2.14).

Now let’s see how God created the earth and intended his plans and purpose of creation to be fulfilled. The bible tells us that after God created man (male and female), He planted a garden in Eden and placed them inside [Read Genesis, chapter 8]. God started by creating the prototype of humans that was to reproduce itself and become what we have today, around 7.7 billion, but what I wanted us to see is that He did at the same time produce a prototype of environment they were to strive and be able to bring his Kingdom from. It was the Garden of Eden.
This is a piece of garden He planted or formed Himself and placed humans in because that is where he knew they could become all He created them to be and so be able to extend His Kingdom on the earth. Oh did you also notice that Eden was on the earth and not in Heaven as some may think? On verses 9 of Genesis 2, the Bible tells us that God made to grow from the ground/land/earth trees in the garden.

This is very important to understand because Eden is the right place for humans to become all God created them to be, and if you misunderstand or miss locate it; you may not get the benefits of what it is supposed to bring to your life. The Garden of Eden was on the earth and not in Heaven.

Now! even if the original garden of Eden was planted in a specific geographical location on earth, the concept of the Eden is not necessarily limited to that exact location and we should seek to get back to that spot in order to have the benefits of Eden, that is probably why it has not yet been located.
Eden is a spot - a replica of heaven on the earth, Eden is a delightful spot of pleasure on the earth as the presence of God is experienced, God Himself crafted Eden to make sure that it was a copy-paste of what He wanted the earth to look like, placed man into it so He can duplicate that environment to the whole planet.
Eden it is the spot on the earth where the presence of God meets the best of the earth.

Eden is the environment on the earth where God's presence connects to the Spirit of man. Eden is the ideal environment of man as his spirit is connected to the presence of God, his body connected to the best of the earth. Eden is not a stationary place; it is anywhere, anytime where God's presence transforms the earth to look like Heaven.

Outside of Eden man malfunctions and eventually dies because He is not connected to the presence of God which is the source of human’s spirit.

On verses 15 of Genesis 2, we see God giving man the responsibility to work and protect the environment of Eden, Man was not only to preserve Eden as it was given to Him, but He was to multiply and duplicate that environment to the whole planet so the glory of God, the presence of God may fill the earth as the waters covers the sea. God planted Eden Himself to make sure that the starting point of Heaven colonizing or extending itself on the earth was His own handy work. He wanted us to have a right prototype to duplicate all of the earth. In the Garden of Eden was and still is everything humans need to succeed and fulfill God's assignment to bring God's Kingdom, dominion over the earth.

I believe that what most of people refers to when they say that they can’t wait to go to heaven is actually longing to get back into the Garden of Eden, the presence of God. The bible says that the highest Heavens belong to God and He has given the earth to humans [Psalm 115.16].
God created us to dominate the earth and even if it is true for a period of time some will be taken out of the earth for the purpose of cleaning in restore it back to what it is supposed to be, but Heaven is not made for us.

Before you stone me, let’s think together; If we were meant for Heaven why did God create us on the earth? Why many of us prophesy wanting to go to heaven but when you are sick you pray for God to heal you? Dying is the only way to leave the earth, why don’t you get excited when you are sick and start rejoicing that you will go to heaven? Or I have not seen yet when people are so happy to lose a family member or a friend!

It is because deep inside we know that we are created for earth. What we all want and are created to live in is not the location of heaven but what is in Heaven, the presence of God. That is what God wants us to have, heaven on earth and that is exactly what Eden is. Anyhow, we pray to leave the earth and Jesus in John 17.15 prayed for God to not take people out of the earth but to protect them from the evil one, because Jesus understood that there is nothing wrong with the earth, but only the lack of the presence of God , and I think we will agree that when most of the time we are tired of living down here, we are not tired of birds and beautiful flowers or the landscapes, it is rather what is happening here that is the result of the absence of godliness that we do not like.

The answer of God to that is not take us out, but to empower us with His presence so we bring heaven on earth. That is what we see happening at the end of this era, in the book of Revelation chapter 22, when the presence of God come down to the earth and God is living among His people in the new earth but still on the earth because that is what was planned from the beginning. When you understand how Eden was structured and how man was to live in it, then you will have a blueprint on how to succeed on the earth. The most important aspect of the Garden of Eden is the presence of God, the perfect communion of God with humans on the earth. Some of the other aspects of life in the Garden of Eden are a communion and collaboration of humans. God created us to be social beings, you can have the presence of God but it is still not good enough if you do not have communion with others in that presence. God Himself said it was not proper, perfect for the man who is in HIs presence to be all in one, alone. Genesis 2.18 when God said that it was not proper that man should be alone, He was not necessarily only talking about marriage even if it is one big part of man being social, but God was talking about all the people we need to b in relationship with for us to fulfill His purpose for our lives.
Humans are to bring heaven on the earth corporately in the Garden of Eden, the purpose of God to extend Heaven on earth cannot be fulfilled if each and every one is working in isolation, and we have to work together as a big family of God’s people to make the earth look just like Heaven.

In the garden of Eden, we also see fruits, animals, water, gold, resin, and many precious stones and these elements constitute the foundation of today's economic system, matter of fact when you follow the order these elements appear you will understand their priority in human's life. First of all, food and water are the most important things in life, if you want to be in a domain that will always be in demand socially and economically, this is the first one, anytime anywhere you will always need food and water.
Gold and Precious metal comes second as they help in making what we need for every day’s life. After food, we need to craft many things from this metal. Then we have resin or organic residue, fuel and their derivatives, these helps in movements feeling our transport means and also helps in the industries in different capacity. Finally, the onyx, precious stones, diamonds and all alike. All the ways our economic systems work was already prepared in the Garden of Eden. To wrap up, we need to come back in Eden. The ideal environment God created for us to become all He planned for us to be. Not only do we have to do all in our power to guard this environment from anything that may take us out of it, but we also need to take it everywhere we are so His Kingdom may come on earth just like it is in Heaven.

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